At Pacific Structures Go Beyond, our team of experts utilizes high-speed wet and dry saw cutters that assure fast and accurate concrete cutting. Our saw cutters can be fitted with circular diamond blades which range from 3” to 72” in diameter and they can cut concrete up to 36” thick. Our cutting team can perform the following techniques and styles of Concrete Saw Cut:

  • Concrete Wall Saw Cut: We utilize state of the art equipment in wall cutting in order to assure precise and clean cuts on vertical and horizontal surfaces. These high speed dry and wet concrete wall saw cutters are secured to the surface by a specialized aluminum track and can be controlled remotely by a highly trained technician in order to assure worker safety. In addition, the saws are capable of cutting through 3’ reinforced wall.
  • Hand-Held Saw Cut: We utilize hand-held saw cutters that can be fitted with 5” to 16” diamond tip blades. Hand-held saw cutting is best for tight, hard to reach places and angles.
  • Concrete Floor Saw Cut (Walking-Behind Saw Cut): Concrete floor saw cutting is the ideal method to create openings or trenches in asphalt, concrete, roadways and reinforced concrete. Our walk-behind saw cutters can be fitted with different size blades and they are capable of cutting through up to 18” reinforced concrete slab.

Our saw cutting equipment can cut through tough rebar in reinforced concrete at any angle or size efficiently and accurately. As a result, we minimize any need for patching around the cut location. Additionally, complying with OSHA environmental rules and regulations is very important to us, so we always assure silica dust containment and debris disposal.